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Gerald Squires
1937- 2015


"This observer is learning to be free from subjectivity in order to view an object in its purest form of beauty. The object viewed, whether animate or inanimate, must be known without judgement from within, be it positive or negative. Beauty goes beyond this pair of opposites where even the word 'beauty' is a judgement call. All objects are associated with perceptions, contaminated with past memories of pain or pleasure and all other emotions in between."

--Gerald Squires

Gerald Squires' work ranged from spiritual quests (St. Frances; Canticles of St. John; The Wanderer Series) to surrealistic explorations (Boatman and Cassandra Series), as well as portraits, the human form and landscapes.

Honours and awards included: 

ArtsNL Hall of Honor, 2007
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, 2003
The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, 1999; The Order of Canada, 1999
Honorary Doctor of Letters, Memorial University of NL, 1992
ArtsNL Ted Drover Award, 1984.

A major retrospective Gerald Squires Journey was exhibited at the AGNL in 1998 and Gerald Squires: Spirit Visable was exhibited post-humously at the Rooms in 2017.