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Welcome to the Red Ochre Gallery,a fine art gallery offering paintings and sculpture by many professional artists of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Inuit collection is from scupltors in the Labrador, Dorset and East Baffin Island regions.








   The Artists

Kent Barrett
Sylvia Bendzsa
Luben Boykov
Renee Butler
Vessela Brakalova
Natalia Charapova
David Baltzer
Sarah Fletcher
Sheila Hollander
George Horan
Terrance Hounsell
Ilse Hughes
Jessica Levman
Gerard Kelly
Christine Koch
Frank Lapointe
Po Chun Lau

Louise Markus
Urve Manuel
Brenda McClellan
Yvonne Meissner Jennifer Morgan
Julia Pickard
Elena Popova
Hilary Rice
William Ritchie
Rachel Ryan
Gary Saunders

Gerald Squires
Jessica Scott
Ying Tian
Veselina Tomova

Vadim Vaskovsky
Krista van Nostrand

 Inuit Carvings

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