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This is just a selection of our current collection. If you can't visit, please email any questions:

Adamie Mathewsie
, Cape Dorset

Dancing Bear, alabaster

(5.5" high x 4" long x 2" wide)
$480 (tax included)


Ningeosiak Ashoona, Cape Dorset

Loon, serpentine
(4" high x 7" long x 2" wide)
 $495 (tax included)


Cape Dorset Carver
Happy Whale, white marble
(5.5" high x 4.5" long x 2" wide)
$395 (tax included)

images/Petaulassie_B&F-front.jpg images/Petaulassie_Birds-on-Fish-b.jpg

Pavinak Petaulassie, Cape Dorset
Birds on Fish, serpentine
(8" high x 5" long x 1" wide
$650  SOLD


Abraham Manning, Cape Dorset
Dancing Bear, serpentine
(6" high x 2.5" long x 2" wide)
$340 (tax included)




Gilbert Hay, Labrador
Crafty or Foxy, soapstone
(7" high x 4" long x 3.5" wide)
$650 (tax included)


Gilbert Hay, Labrador
Pricket (Young Caribou), serpentine
(7.5" high x 9" long x 3" wide)
$1410 (tax included)

                        This is just a some sample of what we have. Please come into the Gallery and see our wonderful and diverse collection.